Payroll Specialist

Fort Collins, CO

There are other payroll companies, but only one Journey. Some have a measure of success; we rank as one of the fastest-growing companies around... and have for many years running. That combined with our unparalleled and award-winning customer retention rate creates all kinds of opportunities for those on our team.

We aren’t looking for people who like the typical large payroll company model and aren’t necessarily looking for that kind of experience. But we are looking for people who understand payroll, accounting, or technology while being passionate about providing fantastic service in a business-to-business environment. With the right customer success orientation and the right technical aptitude, we can help someone become an exceptional Payroll Specialist... a Journey Payroll & HR kind of Payroll Specialist.

We reward our team members in unique ways, some of which are so far outside the norm that you’ll do a double-take - things like unlimited PTO and a self-given quarterly bonus. And of course, we have some great traditional benefits too, like a 401k plan with a 4% match, medical, dental, and vision insurance to name a few.

This is not the right opportunity for those who:

  • Complain about clients, gossip about team members, or play the blame game;
  • Fail to hold themselves personally accountable for their performance;
  • Lack a sense of urgency or move at a slow, methodical pace;
  • Struggle with or resist change;
  • Are self-focused rather than client-focused; or who
  • Can’t empathize with the unspoken and often unanticipated needs of business owners and their managers.